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Greed Cosplay

Greed is a rogue homunculus who craves money, women, and other worldly possessions above all else. Because of this, he betrays the homunculi in both anime series and the manga, as working for them would deprive him of his greedy desires. He has the ability to rearrange the carbon atoms in his body to create body armor he calls the Ultimate Shield, which is as hard as diamond and coats his entire body. Greed is introduced when he sends some of his chimera subordinates to capture Alphonse Elric so he can obtain the secret of immortality from him and Edward.ch.27 The State Military soon raids their location to rescue Al, and Greed's fate, from that point further, differs between adaptations.

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Greed Cosplay Shoes

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Greed Cosplay Wig

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Greed Cosplay Costume

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shirt jacket pants bracelets
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