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Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay

Aeris Gainsborough is introduced as a flower girl, when she briefly converses with Cloud Strife, a mercenary who is fleeing from the bombing of a Mako reactor by himself and AVALANCHE. The two later meet in Aeris' church in the Sector 5 slums, where she is faced with the possibility of being captured by the Turks. Aeris asks Cloud to be her bodyguard for the cost of one date. She is eventually apprehended, but once again rescued by Cloud and company. Aeris then joins them in the pursuit of Sephiroth, while embarking on a journey of self-discovery as well.

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flower girl

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Customer Testimonials

Lauren  2012-10-04
Here is a picture of my wonderful Aerith Gainsborough costume that I ordered from your site. It was delivered in what I thought was a quick timeframe and it fit perfectly. I will definitely be ordering more cosplay costumes from you.
Chyree  2012-07-28
I already posted how happy I was with my order under the comments section of the costume page, but here is a picture from Anime Expo 2012. I LOVE how it turned out! Again, I can't thank you enough for working with me on the adjustments!
Anita  2011-08-08
I have brought three costumes from you i.e. Vanille (Final Fantasy), Yuna Songstress (Final Fantasy), Aerith (Final Fantasy) and I simply love them, I wear the Aerith's one quite a lot. I have plans to buy Sailor Moon's costume from you tomorrow and Sailor Saturn's plus Sailor Saturn's shoes. I simply love the quality and the design that is placed in the costumes you can see the amount of effort in them. Feel free to use my photos of your costumes on your site. I just thought you should know that your costumes are being put too use :)

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