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Natsu Dragneel Cosplay

Natsu has a carefree and reckless nature and constantly bickers with other members of the guild. He has a competitive relationship with frequent teammates Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet; Gray tends to insult Natsu, prompting frequent skirmishes, while Erza, an S-class wizard, represents a way for Natsu to prove how strong he is. Despite his reckless and headstrong nature, Natsu is a skilled tactician and can pick up on an opponent's abilities and weaknesses very quickly. He is also vehemently loyal to Fairy Tail, and does not allow anyone to sully its name.

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carefree, reckless, headstrong, skilled

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Natsu Dragneel Cosplay Accessory

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Natsu Dragneel Cosplay Shoes

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artificial leather shoes

Natsu Dragneel Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

Natsu Dragneel Cosplay Costume

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scarf top apron belt arm band wrist wear pants
polyester costume

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Did not know where to put feedback or positive reviews but I had to thank you for the insanely fast shipping just got the item today and was shocked that it was here so fast amazing thank you so much.

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Ali Reda Jeafar 07-07 12:11
Is there any way for me to rent the full cospaly, because I mainly want to use it for a couple of days and then send it right back, $191 seems too expensive to spend on a cosplay if I don't plan on keeping it

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 07-08 00:47

Hello Ali Reda Jeafar, thanks for supporting CosplayFU. But sorry, we afraid we cannot rent the cosplay,  hope you can understand.