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Mystogan Cosplay

Mystogan is an S-Class wizard noted by other characters as the most mysterious member of Fairy Tail. Refusing to let others see his face, he covers his entire body with a cloak and bandages, and goes as far as using magic to temporarily put his guildmates to sleep whenever he visits the guild.His face is exposed for the first time by Laxus Dreyar during the Battle of Fairy Tail, showing Mystogan to be identical in appearance to Jellal Fernandes. When Wendy Marvell joins the guild, Mystogan reveals himself to be Jellal's counterpart from the parallel universe Edolas, of which he is its prince. As a resident of Edolas, Mystogan is unable to perform magic on his own, instead wielding staffs infused with magic power to cast a wide variety of spells. Despite this, he remains one of the most powerful members of Fairy Tail.

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YUDHA 02-07 09:53
how to order mystogan cosplay costume?could you tell mhe how?please the information send info in my email

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-07 21:05

Hello YUDHA, do you want to order the costume only? If so, just click the costume and you can see the page only for the costume. n_n Here is the link: http://www.cosplayfu.com/product/Mystogan+Cosplay+from+Fairy+Tail 
Patrick Pablico 07-23 07:43
Good day, how are you? I wold like to inquire about this product. How long does the production take? I need a couple of cosplay outfits by September. I apologise for the late inquiry I'm interested to buy Mystogan, Laxus, and Wendy cosplays. If I give you the measurements by tomorrow, how long will it take to produce the final outfit? Thank you very much Regards, Patrick

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 07-24 02:53

Hello Patrick Pablico, if you order standard size now (about 20 days making costume time) and use the free shipping method (Standard Shipping, 20-30 days shipping time), it will reach you around in 7-8 weeks after order confirmed .   n_n

*All shipping information (including methods, cost & estimated delivered date) will be shown in order page, before payment; you can pay extra cost to upgrade shipping method there.
*Please remember to mark down the date (you need it) in the order form when you order it. :)