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Mirajane Strauss Cosplay

Mirajane "Demon Woman" Strauss is a 19-year-old S-Class wizard who serves as a barmaid and administrator at Fairy Tail, and occasionally appears as a cover girl on the fictional Sorcerer's Weekly magazine. Her name comes from a video game Hiro Mashima was playing while creating her character. She is a very cheerful, kindhearted, yet somewhat absentminded young woman who rarely displays anger towards others. During Mirajane's childhood, she is rambunctious and has a particularly fierce rivalry with Erza Scarlet. She and her young siblings Elfman and Lisanna use Take Over magic to transform into creatures they have previously encountered. Mirajane's specific variety, Satan Soul, grants her the ability to transform into a demon with enhanced physical speed and strength.She can also mimic other people's physical appearance and voice.

Source from Wikipeida

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