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Diao Chan Cosplay

Diaochan is an intelligent and kind young beauty, and the lover of Lu Bu. She fights on Dong Zhuo's side in the battles of Si Shui Gate and Hu Lao Gate. In her Musou Mode in the mainstream games, she follows Lu Bu on his conquests after Dong Zhuo's defeat until they both meet their ends after the Battle of Xia Pi. In the Xtreme Legends versions of the game, she follows Lu Bu as he sets off to eliminate all the rival warlords for Dong Zhuo, before eventually turning against Dong Zhuo at the Battle of Chi Bi after Diaochan successfully persuades him to do so. She convinces the "politically inept" Lu Bu to support the Han Dynasty after Dong Zhuo's downfall and attempts to leave after that. Lu Bu refuses to let her leave but obliges after he is defeated by her.

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