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Zhang He is portrayed as a beautiful, graceful and effeminate warrior who used to serve Yuan Shao before defecting to Cao Cao at the Battle of Guandu. Due to his obsession with beauty, grace and elegance and his disdain for vulgarity and crudeness, Zhang He's sexuality has been a questionable topic among fans although this has never been confirmed in the game. His effeminate appearance is further emphasized with the addition of pink silk garments, high-heeled boots and even a pair of wings in some installments. He is depicted with butterflies surrounding him in some of his posters.
Zhang He uses a pair of clawed gloves. In Dynasty Warriors 6 he wields a more traditional-looking halberd, but his claws are returned to him in Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. Zhang He's fighting style is very complex and graceful due to the nature of his claws and his musou attack involves him gliding across the battlefield in a zig-zag manner and knocking down enemies in his trajectory. His EX weapon in Dynasty Warriors 7 is his claws.

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Chou Kou Costumes

Chou Kou Shoes (C362) from Dynasty Warriors
Chou Kou Shoes (C362) from Dynasty Warriors
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