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Eco Cosplay

Ash's dragon partner who takes form as a girl. She treats Ash as her servant calling him her pet dog, much to the latter's annoyance. In reality Echo is fully aware that Ash is her master and that she is the "pet" (as she describes herself), but she doesn't want to admit it because of her pride and because she believes that if she does that she will be nothing but a "tamed pet" and will then only be loved as one, which is not love she wants Ash to give to her. While fighting a Necromancer Dragon, under Navi's guidance, she creates an Arch armor for Ash using parts from the blueprints of other Dragons' Arch armors. Since this armor is a mimic of other Dragons' Arch armors it's not as powerful as an original Arch armor, but was still powerful enough to defeat the Necromancer. She is the exception to the rule that all Dragons do not have a gender, since she is obviously female. She enjoys eating crepes and especially anything with Ansil in it.

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