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Tenth Doctor Cosplay

Tenth Doctor Cosplay

The Tenth Doctor generally displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky manner, but repeatedly demonstrates a vengeful and unforgiving streak as well. This emerged early on when he sends the Sycorax leader (who is attacking him from behind) falling to his death while commenting that, with him, there are "no second chances". In "School Reunion", he acknowledges that he is less merciful than he used to be and has stuck to his "one warning" code, punishing his enemies if they persist in their hostilities. This is demonstrated in "The Runaway Bride" when he drowns the Empress of Racnoss' children and stoically watches on, prompting Donna Noble to declare that he needs somebody to stop him, and in "The Family of Blood" where he gives each Family member an individual and eternal punishment.

Source from Wikipeida

light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty, cheeky manner

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