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Al-Azif Cosplay

The original copy of the Necronomicon, and likely the most powerful grimoire in existence, it takes the appearance of a young girl. Al Azif makes a pact with Kurou after being chased by the Black Lodge, allowing him access to her near limitless power. When Kurou becomes a magius, Al changes into a chibi version of herself; similarly, when he gains access to the Demonbane, Al serves as the Deus Machina's secondary pilot. Normally direct, bold and upbeat, Al is also impatient with those who are slow to act in danger, yet realizes whenever she and Kurou are outclassed by more powerful members of the Black Lodge. Unlike her previous masters, she confides to Kurou he is the first person to treat her like a person, rather than a weapon. In the anime she falls in love with Kurou.

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Al-Azif Cosplay Wig

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Al-Azif Cosplay Costume

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