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Shiro Cosplay

A mysterious albino girl and Hagire Rinichirō's artificial daughter that Ganta encountered during his first days as an inmate; Ganta mistook her for his dead friend Mimi due to Shiro resembling her. Clothed only in a skin-tight bodysuit and large gloves (which help conceal her heavily scarred skin), Shiro stands out among the other prisoners due to her bizarre appearance and mannerisms. It is also apparent that she does not have a prison number, unlike the rest. To Ganta, Shiro's manner of speaking and behavior remind him of a small child, even though Shiro is just a year older than him. However, Shiro possesses inhuman physical abilities and has an intimate knowledge of the prison, having lived there most of her life. From the beginning of the story it is made clear that, as children, Shiro and Ganta were close friends with the latter having no memories of his childhood, which greatly saddens and annoys Shiro. Shiro was infected with a mysterious virus that gave her abilities which was being researched by Ganta's mother Sorae Igarashi. Over the next several years, Shiro was subjected to barbaric experiments, including being dismembered while awake, all in an effort to force her body and the virus inside it to "evolve" into the first Deadman.

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zoey 04-28 19:30
where is the costume shipped from?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 04-29 09:32

Hello zoey, we ship it out from Hong Kong and some are from China.
We include free shipping worldwide, except Vietnam.   n_n

*All shipping information (including methods, cost & estimated delivered date) will be shown in order page, before payment; you can pay extra cost to upgrade shipping method there.
*Please remember to mark down the date (you need it) in the order form when you order it. :)
Jordan 04-05 23:46
Can you please send me pictures of the Shiro Cosplays you have made? Also, if I just wanted the collar could I purchase that on its own?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 04-06 04:47

Hello Jordan, this is the one we made, they are our in-house product photos, as you can see the model neck part has our label on it & the background is our product photo background.  Since this is a bodysuit, so we are sorry that we cannot make & sell the collar separately, sorry for this.  (n__n)