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4 Sets of Aoba Seragaki Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Aoba Seragaki Cosplay

Aoba Seragaki is the protagoinst of the game. He works part-time at a junk shop called "Heibon", and lives with his grandmother, Tae. Aoba has long blue hair, and says he cannot cut his hair because it hurts. He has a blue Pomeranian named Ren, which is his "All Mate".

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Aoba Seragaki Cosplay Shoes

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artificial leather shoes

Aoba Seragaki Cosplay Wig

US$ 84.03 US$ 50.42
heat resisting fiber wig

Aoba Seragaki Cosplay Costume

US$ 169.80 US$ 91.7
inner top inner pants pants coat hat belt gloves
velvet costume

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Customer Testimonials

Olga  2014-10-16
Великолепные вещи! Спасибо большое!
Iru  2014-08-04
The wig is very pretty, good quality. There's the right light blue shade in it. It fit's but i have to style it for more volume. So it get's a 8/10.
Daniëlle  2014-08-03
The cosplay get's a 7/10, it's great but there's a lot of stuff i have to add on. I don't mind actually because i'm used to add extra stuff on my cosplays. The scarf is actually the wrong color, it's green but normally it has to be yellow. The pants is the perfect color, but not the perfect size (ill buy an other one :)) The vest is very nice, good quality but there are no pockets in it, so i have to add them also. And to end, the shirt fits perfectly, good quality good size !
Daniëlle  2014-08-03
The shoes are amazing, they fit perfectly. I was a little scared they didn't fit but they do !
Kay  2014-01-09
Just got my coat in the mail! It looks amazing and fits wonderfully. The boot covers also fit very nicely over the boots I'm using for him. Amazing quality

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Stephanie 11-28 22:07
Hey if I was to order this mid December would it arrive to Australia before February?

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 11-28 23:27

Hello Stephanie, yes, if you order standard size (about 2-3 weeks making costume time) in mid-Dec. and use the free shipping method (Standard Shipping, 20-30 days shipping time), it will reach you around end of Jan. 2014.   n_n

*All shipping information (including methods, cost & estimated delivered date) will be shown in order page, before payment; you can pay extra cost to upgrade shipping method there.
*Please remember to mark down the date (you need it) in the order form when you order it. :)