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Cross Marian Cosplay

Four years ago, Cross Marian, after receiving his orders, ceased communication with the Black Order until recently, when he was shown to have infiltrated Noah's Ark. However, his return was shortlived as he disappeared from his room in the Black Order's new HQ, in which there were signs of an attack and with his Innocence left behind, and was noted that was the last anyone has seen of him again. He is Allen's master, a sorcerer, scientist, a very powerful General, and the only Exorcist to have control of two anti-akuma weapons. He is a demanding individual who is hard to please and has been described as a womanizer by most. Cross has the unique ability to convert akuma and make them work under his orders. He is the only General whose actions has caused concern to the Earl.

Source from Wikipeida

sorcerer, scientist, powerful, peculiar

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Cross Marian Cosplay Costume

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Kerry  2013-09-13
I purchased both off of this website and I have to say they're both comfortable and perfect! THanks so much!

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