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Naomi Nakashima Cosplay

Satoshi's childhood friend, and one of the main playable characters. Naomi is generally a bright and cheerful, if stubborn, teenage girl. A tomboy, she often feels the need to take charge of everything she is involved with, which usually causes her to butt heads with Satoshi. This behavior hides a more "girlish" side to her that enjoys shopping and grooming herself like other average girls her age, which shows itself whenever she plays with her best friend Seiko. She also tends to let her emotions control her actions: when stressed, she is prone to acting like a spoiled child who whines, complains, and lashes out at everyone around her. However, she is very self-aware of herself during such intervals, but has extreme difficulty stopping herself from acting in such an immature manner, which causes her to feel guilty whenever she regains control of herself.

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bright, cheerful, tomboy, spoiled

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Amy  2013-07-01
I know this is a little late for a review, but I am sooo happy with this costume! ^^ It came in the mail on April 21, which also so happens to be my birthday. Best birthday present ever! Haha xD It looked so cool for the con I was going to! :D That's my picture up there as well teehee The only thing that bugs me is how this is for the character Naomi Nakashima when the item picture is of Mayu Suzumoto~

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Ashley 11-24 16:57
Could you please add Seiko Shinohara? :)

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 11-24 20:02

Hello Ashley, thanks for your suggestion. You can submit a suggestion by this link: http://www.cosplayfu.com/suggestions/ Then my teammate will add Seiko Shinohara's costume for you. n_n