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Anya Alstreim Cosplay

Anya Alstreim is the Knight of Six, a girl of few expressions and lacking in common sense. She pilots the heavy assault Knightmare Frame, Mordred, which she turns to even in situations in which it is not very appropriate, as seen in episode 12 of the second season when she uses it to chase Lelouch through Ashford Academy for the sake of capturing Lelouch’s hat so she can gain extra club budgets (though she forgets that she would have to be a couple with Lelouch if she got his hat); she consequently sends the military into a panic with her unexpected "sortie." 

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Anya Alstreim Cosplay Wig

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Anya Alstreim Cosplay Costume

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Danielle  2013-03-27
My Anya Alstreim cosplay came in three weeks earlier than I expected! It's absolutely flawless and beautiful, I'm so happy! Thank you CosplayFU :)

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