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Sanae Dekomori Cosplay

An anime original character, Sanae is an 8th-year student who has very long blonde pigtails that often prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. Like Rikka, she is extremely delusional and often indulges in fantasy with her. However, unlike Rikka, she is a superb student who is at the top of her class and has already completed the entire junior-high mathematics curriculum. She owns several copies of the magic-spells book which is the remaining evidence of Shinka's delusional days. She is often at odds with Shinka, who she does not believe to be the real Mori Summer. She often ends her sentences with 'desu', emphasizing it to make it sound more like 'death'. She comes from a very rich family.

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Loli, cute

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Sanae Dekomori Cosplay Accessory

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Sanae Dekomori Cosplay Shoes

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Sanae Dekomori Cosplay Wig

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Sanae Dekomori Cosplay Costume

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polyester costume

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