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Fear Cubrick Cosplay

The female protagonist who cannot do advanced math or understand the concept of weather over the ocean. She can also pull weapons out of thin air. She claims to be a "cursed tool" that has been exposed to so much hatred and negativity that it allowed her to gain a consciousness, and says that she came to Haruaki's home in hopes of purifying her "curse". She's actually a fictitious device called Fear In Cube, a terrible torture device from the Inquisitions. However, she prefers to stay in her human form after she met Haruaki, and develops a strong friendship with him. She eventually gets a crush on Haruaki. Her favourite catchphrase is "I will curse you".

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Fear Cubrick Cosplay Accessory

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Fear Cubrick Cosplay Shoes

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Fear Cubrick Cosplay Wig

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Fear Cubrick Cosplay Costume

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