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Hina Yumihara Cosplay

The female protagonist. 16-year-old. First year student at Seio High School. Hina Yumihara is Aoba's classmate who ends up next to him in class following seat changes after the break and seems to have feelings for him. She keeps acting cold, stiff, and formal toward Aoba that makes Aoba thinks he did something to her. She is actually a mecha pilot from the future who has a mission to protect Aoba from opposing mecha from same future with her who wants to kill him. She sent Aoba into the future, where she had not yet met Aoba and served as a pilot of Zogilia Republic, enemy of the Free Pact Alliance. In Zogilia, Hina is the daughter of veteran Lieutenant Commander of Zogilian military, Viktor Ryazan. She was assigned to Alfried's squad as the pilot of the Fortuna but later transferred to Zogilia's Adminburo as the pilot of Coupling Valiancer Karura. During her first encounter with Aoba, she's confused an enemy pilot knew her name. She even tries to kill him when he offered his hand to her to come into Luxon's cockpit. She's intrigued by Aoba's kindness after he saved her when they were stranded together on deserted island even though they are each other's enemy soldier. But, it caused her childhood friend Bizon who is in love with her to scold her and despises Aoba.

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