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Aoba Watase Cosplay

The main protagonist. 16-year-old. First year student at Seio High School. Aoba is a bright, considerate young man. He excels at athletics, especially basketball. He was an ordinary Japanese high school student from 2014 who got transported into the year 2088 and now fights for the Free Pact Alliance. He is the pilot of the Coupling Valiancer Luxon, and later Luxon Next. He has exceptional compatibility as a Coupler. He was surprised to see Hina as the Zogilia pilot with no memories of him from the past and even tries to kill him when he offered his hand to her to come into Luxon's cockpit. Despite knowing that Hina was the enemy, Aoba doesn't want to fight her because she is the girl who saved his life. After another encounter with Hina and he talked with her, Aoba was almost convinced she was not the same Hina as the Hina Yumihara who saved him. But he doesn't seem to care about it anymore, when he invites Hina to join the Cygnus after her father's death, even though his effort to bring Hina to his side is ruined by Bizon. Later, he realizes she is indeed the same Hina who saved his life and he decides to save her from her fate.

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