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Renzo Shima Cosplay

Renzo is a very carefree yet fearful character. He's very loyal to Bon and Konekomaru, since both grew up with him at the Cursed Temple in Kyoto. Renzo is the second of the cast who accepts Rin after discovering his identity, finding ignoring Rin to be troublesome. He is infatuated with Izumo, obsessed with women but afraid of bugs. His hair is naturally black, but he dyed it pink (to the chagrin of his father). Renzo carries a K'rik (Khakkhara) staff to fight like his two brothers and plans to achieve the Meister in Aria.

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carefree, fearful, loyal

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Renzo Shima Cosplay Accessory

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Renzo Shima Cosplay Shoes

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Renzo Shima Cosplay Wig

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Renzo Shima Cosplay Costume

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