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3 Sets of Soi Fong Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Soi Fong Cosplay

She is a hard worker who believes strongly in following orders. She is also outwardly antagonistic to her underlings as she believes this keeps them on their toes. During her childhood, she served as a bodyguard and eventual protege of Yoruichi Shihoin with whom she developed a close relationship. When Yoruichi left Soul Society, Sui-Feng was crushed by the fact that Yoruichi did not take her with her. When Yoruichi returns to Soul Society a century later, Sui-Feng engages her in battle yet did not manage to defeat her.

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Soi Fong Cosplay Accessory

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metal ring

Soi Fong Cosplay Wig

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kanekalon fiber wig

Soi Fong Cosplay Costume

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top pants belt gloves
polyester costume

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