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Isshin Kurosaki Cosplay

Isshin Kurosaki is the father of the Kurosaki family. He is initially portrayed as a silly, fight-loving father who takes a keen interest in what his children are doing. He shows them affection either offensively or with an all-too-happy tone, which elicits comical reactions from his kids, usually in the form of a kick.Later in the series he reveals himself as a former captain-level Soul Reaper, regaining his powers after twenty years so that he can avenge his wife's death by killing Grand Fisher. He seems to be aware of activities in the spiritual community, such as Sosuke Aizen's actions and that Ichigo has become a Soul Reaper.

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silly, fight-loving

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Isshin Kurosaki Cosplay Accessory

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Isshin Kurosaki Cosplay Shoes

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Isshin Kurosaki Cosplay Wig

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Isshin Kurosaki Cosplay Costume

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