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Shiroh (Shawly) Cosplay

The protagonist of the video game series. Fellow guardian in the fight against the stray Blazers. Daichi first encounters him after defeating Yuuma, who Shiroh mistakes him for. After Shiroh and Daichi have a short battle, they collapse, but are found by Tamaki. They discuss the origins of mystickers before Beast interrupts. Thanks to a combined effort and the help of new mystickers Testarossa and Tamamayu, Daichi and Shiroh defeat Beast. Shiroh becomes Daichi's rival after this incident. Shiroh has a cold manner at first, but he is a kind person and an honest Blazer. Shiroh initially fights using the Valiant mysticker, a gauntlet-like weapon. He later finds prowess with the Testarossa mysticker, a flaming sword, given to him by Daichi. It suits him well since he is good at melee combat, and is a fire-type user.

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kind, honest

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