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2 Sets of Hazama Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Hazama Cosplay

He is a ghost who has taken the alias Hazama, a captain of the NOL's Intelligence Division. At first, he appears to be supervising Noel's actions to keep her in line, but he has a sinister hidden agenda. He is also the creator of the BlazBlue and the mastermind responsible for cutting off Ragna's arm, hacking off Jin's mind, presumably killing Saya, and most likely causing the space-time distortions. Most who are aware of his presence regard him with contempt and perhaps even fear, as Rachel defiantly stands up to him in one path, but does not attack him in many of the events of BlazBlue.

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Hazama Cosplay Accessory

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Hazama Cosplay Shoes

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Hazama Cosplay Wig

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Hazama Cosplay Costume

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