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Yoshino Takigawa Cosplay

Mahiro's friend who joins his quest to stop the Tree of Exodus in exchange for the means to avenge his family's murder. Just like Mahiro, Yoshino can't overcome Aika's death as he was her boyfriend, a fact he always kept a secret from Mahiro by her request. Yoshino has a more calm and collected character in contrast to Mahiro's reckless behavior, resorting to manipulation and deceit when needed. Hakaze also develops romantic feelings for Yoshino, but refrains from confessing to him upon his claim that he already has a girlfriend, unaware that said girl is the late Aika.Yoshino's setup and behavior includes allusions to Romeo, as just like the character from Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet, he also had a secret love with a tragic fate. It also includes allusions to Horatio from Hamlet, who is the eponymous protagonist's closest friend and confidant.

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a more calm and collected character

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