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6 Sets of Black Rock Shooter Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Black Rock Shooter Cosplay

Black Rock Shooter, known as Rock for short in the manga, is the eponymous character of the franchise. In the OVA, she merges with Mato Kuroi to help her search for her friend, Yomi Takanashi, when she is possessed by Dead Master and disappears. Her most notable physical features are her two pigtails, one long and one short, her two scars on her torso and her hip.

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Black Rock Shooter Cosplay Accessory

US$ 8.33 US$ 5
plastic hair clip

Black Rock Shooter Cosplay Shoes

US$ 129.78 US$ 77.87
artificial leather shoes

Black Rock Shooter Cosplay Wig

US$ 119.17 US$ 71.5
heat resisting fiber wig

Black Rock Shooter Cosplay Costume

US$ 166.25 US$ 99.75
top skirt belt sleeves white stockings
polyester costume

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Customer Testimonials

Grace  2014-05-30
Very very well designed and created perfectly, I loved it soooooo much! If you want the puffy-ness of the skirt to be more accurate, just wear another tulle skirt. I recieved a crazy amount of compliments wearing this. Thank you!! I hope next time will be the same (: I already recommended this webstie to lots of friends!
emily  2014-01-10
I recently bought a customized version of these boots for the cosplay I am working on. First of all, when I submitted the ticket to have a pair of boots made, CosplayFU responded within 24 hours and were exceedingly easy to work with. They were professional and very, VERY quick. I've bought from CosplayFU many times but never before had I ordered a custom order. They didn't charge me any extra to make the alterations and about a month after ordering the boots I received them. I have never been so pleased with my purchase before. The sizing was perfect and the alterations made to the boot were flawless. As a sponsored cosplayer quality is EXTREMELY important to me. While I'm allowed to buy pieces they have to stand up to a certain level of quality, a level that these boots DEFINITELY stood up too. I have always recommended CosplayFU to my fellow cosplayers and they have just proven once more why I feel they are the best online cosplay store to buy from.

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