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Revy Cosplay

Revy, sometimes referred by her full name Rebecca is the female protagonist of the series. She does most of the fighting for the Lagoon Company. Very little is revealed about her past. Revy is a Chinese-American born and raised in Chinatown, Manhattan, near Mott Street, spending most of her youth as a thief and murderer. Flashbacks throughout the series reveal that she may have honed her skills with firearms by shooting at cans, and that her first murder may have involved shooting a guy who asks her for wine/money everyday that she resolves on stealing just to give the demand-if she can't, she gets battered. She got arrested upon failed thievery and is beaten and raped by a police officer. This triggered Becky, Revy's real name to kill her caretaker by using a gun while using a pillow as a silencer. Revy is very competitive, strong, stubborn, impatient, and extremely ill-tempered. Unlike Rock, she is undiplomatic, believing in the use of brute force and coercion to get her way. In contrast to this, she is revealed to be highly ticklish. She is also a heavy smoker and drinker. Of all the characters in the series, Revy is recognized as the most foul-mouthed.

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