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Futaba is in the sixth grade and is quite short (much to his unhappiness). He has three older siblings who are extremely overprotective and constantly calling his cell phone. He's a sweet but relatively stubborn kid, who can be easily irriated. One day, Kiara drops out from the sky and calls him her "master". It turns out he wasn't her master, but just a boy with a similar energy. When a huge creature attacks Kiara, Futaba manages to help her and they escape together, into another world. He has the Lady Bel-Bel with him now, because he owes her for helping. Also, Prince Virid (the insane), because he found the prince wounded and forcably helped him: Virid now follows him about and clings to him like a little brother. Futaba is optimisstic and often says "It'll all work out!...Probably!"

Source from Wikipeida

Futaba Kudou Costumes

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