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Music Meister Cosplay

The Music Meister uses his powers to control people through music to induce Black Canary, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Black Manta, Gorilla Grodd and Clock King to hijack a United Nations' communications satellite, launching it into space after they install a device for him. When Batman intervenes, he orders them to attack the hero, which they do in a dance style reminiscent of West Side Story. His plan successful, the Meister frustrates Batman once more, escaping by forcing his captives to dance towards the rocket blast, making the hero rescue them rather than apprehend the villain. Meister escapes to an empty opera house where, in a parody of Phantom of the Opera, he plays the organ to a cardboard audience. Batman tries to capture him on a cross-town chase while he sings "Drives us Bats", eventually releasing prison inmates (including villains seen from past episodes) to attack the heroes. Having heard Black Canary sing, the Meister has fallen for her, but not enough to give up villainy, and she rejects him. Meister manages to capture Black Canary and Batman and puts them in a death trap. They escape as Music Meister hypnotizes the world with his music (with help of the satellite). When Black Canary becomes his slave, Batman induces Black Canary to sing as high as he, using the satellite to transmit her sonic scream to break Music Meister's mind control. Batman finally gets his hands on the Meister, defeating him with a single punch to the jaw.

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