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Miria Harvent Cosplay

Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent are a pair of idiotic and eccentric lovers who work as thieves. Isaac attributes their success to the eccentricity of their crimes, such as stealing watches to steal time or stealing a front door to prevent anyone from entering the building. They wear a variety of costumes when committing crimes, leading witnesses to assume they are performers. Miria wholeheartedly believes and supports everything Isaac says and often mimics his body language and speech, although she often does not really understand what he is saying. The pair are oblivious to their surroundings, but hold a great affection for the people they meet and believe the best of them. They become immortal in 1930 after mistaking the elixir for a bottle of alcohol. In 1934, Isaac and Miria are confronted by plainclothes officers. Isaac realizes Miria is unaware of this and sends her away without informing her. He is arrested for multiple thefts and imprisoned on Alcatraz Island. Isaac is released later in the year and reunites with Miria in Chicago. They never realized they were immortal until the year 2001

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