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2 Sets of Vash Zwingli (Switzerland) Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Vash Zwingli (Switzerland) Cosplay

Switzerland is a xenophobic nation in the Alps, usually depicted in a green military uniform and a white beret. He is permanently neutral in all matters, and is always threatening other nations to get off his land via gunpoint. His only close relationship is with Liechtenstein.

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frugal, serious, sober, clam

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Vash Zwingli (Switzerland) Cosplay Shoes

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Vash Zwingli (Switzerland) Cosplay Wig

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Vash Zwingli (Switzerland) Cosplay Costume

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polyester costume

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Chelsea  2012-07-18
I just wanted to show you I got the cosplay and love love love it

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