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2 Sets of Sadiq Annan (Turkey) Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Sadiq Annan (Turkey) Cosplay

Turkey is a Mediterranean country who is recognisable by the fact he is usually seen wearing a mask around his eyes. Formerly known as the Ottoman Empire, he has a big rivalry with Greece after he invaded the country. Turkey is described as being, "unnecessarily passionate and uncomfortably friendly". However, despite his jovial personality, Turkey can be stubborn about trivial things." He is also the only country in the world to recognise the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a country, whom he currently has custody over.

Source from Wikipeida

optimistic, warm-blooded, gently

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Sadiq Annan (Turkey) Cosplay Costume

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Megan  2013-05-23
My costume came today and I LOVE it, it's perfect!! It was well worth the wait. Thank You!

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