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8 Sets of Natalya Arlovskaja (Belarus) Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Natalya Arlovskaja (Belarus) Cosplay

Belarusis Russia's younger sisters who appears dressed as a maid, is deeply in love with her brother Russia and is constantly trying to get Russia to marry her. Russia, however, finds her scary and thus tries to avoid her. Belarus dislikes anyone else who is near Russia and often threatens other countries with a knife.

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fractious, stubborn

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Natalya Arlovskaja (Belarus) Cosplay Shoes

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Natalya Arlovskaja (Belarus) Cosplay Wig

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Natalya Arlovskaja (Belarus) Cosplay Costume

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dress apron girdle head wear bows
polyester costume

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Customer Testimonials

Madelene  2015-01-20
Heyyy so I just got my cosplay and the quality of which is REALLY good :) I'm so thankful and happy and I'm definitely buying my cosplays from here again n_n
GIANCARLO  2013-11-29
This cosplay arrived! The quality is amazing, thank you so much! :)
Ragni  2013-06-30
I got this cosplay today, And i'm EXSTREMELY HAPPY. oh my god, it fitted perfectly, and the quality is amazing. thank you so much, I'm always going to buy from this site, and I reccomend this site/cosplay to everyone! the only bad thing about the cosplay was that the bow fell of from the headband, but I fixed it with hot glue so no problem :)thank you so much
Kailynn  2013-06-30
Just recieved the cosplay. I am beyond pleased! Everything is in perfect order, it fits well, and it's so comfortable! Thanks so much! =D
Barbara  2013-06-30
I just got my cosplay and it's beautiful! The attention to detail is perfect. The sleeves were a little short, but I have really long arms, so over all fantastic! I'd definitely be ordering from you again. Thank you for the fast delivery and assistance!
Bridget  2013-06-30
I just got this dress today and it is absolutely lovely, I love it :)
Elyse  2013-06-30
I ordered this costume two months ago, and it is lovely.
Kate  2013-06-30
I just received my Belarus cosplay and it is perfect! It is very well made and accurate! I absolutely love it! ^-^
Lochlan  2013-02-16
I love my Belarus cosplay! I get so many compliments on it.
Yvonne  2012-12-04
I really love this costume

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Tori-sama! 03-05 22:24
I am deeply confused at the costume. Is the costume/cosplay her actual maid outfit or her soldier suit! @.@ LPlease get back to me as soon as you can!

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 03-06 03:07

Hello Tori-sama!, this is our full set series, one comic picture is a full set. As you see there are four pictures, so there are four full sets here, just click the pictures to view the full set of it. n_n