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Denmark Cosplay

Denmark Cosplay

Denmark is loud, arrogant, and is often seen drinking heavily. He has a fondness for the other Nordics, considering them to be his brothers, especially Iceland and Norway.

Source from Wikipeida

funny, hot-blooded

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Customer Testimonials

Emilie  2013-07-22
I got my Denmark (Female) cosplay about a month ago, And I love it so much! It was made from a Picture and everytinh is perfect! thank you so much.
Emilie  2013-07-22
My Italy costume have arrived and it's abseloutly perfect! It fits amazingly and i can Wear it for hours. The wig is great, and it looks so cute. It's actually comfortable wearing and looks amazing. I love it all deeply, thanks a lot. I will buy my other cosplays from here in the nearest furture!

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