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Jean Kirstein Cosplay

Ranked 6th of the trainee class. Extremely pessimistic about the war with the Titans. He ends up leading the people on the supply mission for gas. Jean shows feelings for Mikasa Ackerman and is jealous of Eren and his relationship with her. He is highly competent at the Vertical Maneuvering Gear and is highly efficient in using it, as well as asserting his situation at any given time. However, Jean tends to be hotheaded and far too quick to unsheathe his sword, being also prone to speaking his mind and sparking conflict. He had a close friendship with Marco and his death had a lasting impact on Jean. He wanted to join the Military Police Brigade as a chance to live within Wall Sina, but ended up joining the Survey Corps. When Jean learned about Reiner and Berthold's betrayal, he was quick to take action

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Jean Kirstein Cosplay Accessory

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Jean Kirstein Cosplay Wig

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Jean Kirstein Cosplay Costume

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Jean Kirstein Cosplay Costume ( 1 )

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