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Aria Holmes Kanzaki Cosplay

Female transfer student of Butei High School. An "Assault" department elite rank S (The highest rank), she wishes to recruit Kinji after their encounter. She can wield two guns or two swords at the same time, earning the title of a "Quadra". Her weapons of choice are a M1911 pistol  and two undersized Japanese swords known as Kodachi. The H in the middle name stands for "Holmes" as she is a descendant of Sherlock Holmes himself, and her full name is Aria Holmes Kanzaki IV. Her mother is Japanese and her father is English. Her grandmother is a member of the British Royal Family, having received the title of a "dame". 

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Aria Holmes Kanzaki Cosplay Shoes

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Aria Holmes Kanzaki Cosplay Wig

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Aria Holmes Kanzaki Cosplay Costume

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