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Aurica Nestmile Cosplay

Aurica is a a 3rd generation Reyvateil. Because of her birth circumstances, she is classified as a Class-D Reyvateil, the lowest rank. Before the present time in the game, her home, Skuwat Village, was infiltrated by the Tenba Conglomorate. The Teru Tribe attacked Tenba while they were camped in Skuwat Village and the ensuing battle destroyed the town. Her parents went missing during the raid and she was later told that they died. However, she did not see their bodies firsthand, causing her serious mental trauma. Afterwards, she joins the Church of Elemia to work as a Reyvateil, in hopes of becoming one of the Holy Maidens. She appears inferior and gloomy at first but is getting more cheerful after met with Lyner. She is close friends with Claire, a singer in Nemo who also her childhood friend. She has a very strange way of cooking, though the food she makes always ends up tasting really good, while being almost obscene in appearance. Her dream is to open a music box shop.

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