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Agito Wanijima Cosplay

Agito Wanijima Cosplay

Akito Wanijima and Agito Wanijima are two personalities that make up the Fang King, of the Bloody Road. They are originally part of the Wind SWAT team, in which they are treated like a tool by their older brother, Kaito. Ikki eventually saves them, and they join Kogarasumaru. They switch who is in control by using an eye patch. Akito is innocent and non-violent. He becomes attracted to Ikki, much to Ikki's discontent, and often tries to kiss, bathe, and sleep next to or with Ikki. He states he was the original Fang King until he became disgusted with himself and became unable to use AT.

Source from Wikipeida

Agito Wanijima Cosplay

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