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Princess Bubblegum Cosplay

Princess Bubblegum is a bubblegum humanoid, comparable to the inhabitants of Candy Kingdom which she rules. The official series website has described her as "a millionaire nerd enthusiast [who] immerses herself in every branch of geekdom". She and Finn have a complex relationship. Although she cares for him a great deal, she does not seem to return his love for her. In the episode "What was Missing," it is implied that she and Marceline may have had some sort of relationship in the past. This later caused an internet controversy over her and Marceline's sexual orientation. In the second season finale "Mortal Recoil" after being possessed by The Lich, she was accidentally shattered and returned to life as a 13-year-old due to the doctors not having enough gum to work with, though it appears that her memories have remained intact. In "Too Young", she becomes 18 again by absorbing the parts sacrificed by her candy subjects in order to reclaim her kingdom from the Earl of Lemongrab. After her brush with death, she has begun to feel more and more vulnerable. As a result, she created the clone-Sphinx named Goliad to serve as her heir lest she die on the throne.

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