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Her Japanese stage name "Mirika" , comes from from her full name "Tachimi Rika" ."Regina" comes from the Latin word for "queen" or "princess". It may have been chosen due to her father doting on her or due to her tiara and scepter; possibly those accessories along with her name were meant to show her relationship with her father.Since Regina was brought up at the circus, it is the only world she knows. As such, she has a very fantastical view of the world and is extremely naïve. She believes that when people die, they become "stars in the sky". This view infuriated Acro because she didn't appreciate the gravity of losing someone to death. She also doesn't understand that the Trilo Quist puppet was only that, a puppet. She thinks of the dummy as a tenor who sings in the circus and that the ventriloquist himself is just someone who hangs around with "Trilo".

Source from Wikipeida

Mirika Costumes

Mirika Shoes (A458) from Ace Attorney
Mirika Shoes (A458) from Ace Attorney
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