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Kuhn Cosplay

Kuhn is a Steam Gunner and the Epitaph-PC who controls Magus, the Propagation. Kuhn comes in contact with Haseo through the growing AIDA infection that is afflicting The World. Kuhn describes himself as more similar to Haseo than anyone else, despite Haseo's initial hostility towards him. Kuhn is light-hearted and brings laughter to the game players, but possesses the ability to remain calm and has an air of responsibility, especially towards Haseo's control of Skeith. He attempts to flirt with women avatars within the game, which leads to awkward situations. Kuhn's real life persona is Tomonari Kasumi, who controlled the PC "Sieg" in the original version of "The World" as well as the boyfriend of .hack//Liminality protagonist Mai Minase. 

Source from Wikipeida

Kuhn Costumes

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Kuhn Shoes (A638) from hack G U
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