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Deidara Cosplay from Naruto, China

Deidara Cosplay

Cosplay: Deidara Cosplay from Naruto

Event: China Joy

Country: China

Year: 2010

Cosplay of China Joy 2010

In the China Joy 2010, we find a lot of interesting cosplayers  and their costumes are rather cool.

Here are some of them.

Miku Cosplay


China Joy

We are invited to join the China Joy 2010 in Shanghai,China.

It was so excited that we have taken so many great photos.

The Cosplayers are enthusiasm。

Now show some pictures to you.


So many different cosplay on the wall,can you see?


Wow, such grand sight.

Did you there??


Cosplay wigs.




Do you think China Joy is funny?

In the next several days, we will introduce more information and

upload more beautiful pictures we take in the China Joy 2010 in Shanghai,China.