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June 2nd, 2016

How to add the product into my favorite list

1.Please login first so that the product can go to your account’s ‘Favorite List’.



2.You will see there is a ‘Add to favorite’ button under the product photos, you simply click it and the window  tells you it is successfully added into your favorites list.




3. If you want to purchase it few days later, please login first. Then click in your favorite list and simply click ‘Buy it now’.




June 2nd, 2016

When you have ideas about commissioning certain cosplay items, you can:

59c3cc4c3700b0ead72afc3b1. submit a suggestion to us at CosplayFU Suggestion corner 01

(if you don’t really plan to buy it, but just suggest we provide that item), or 

59c3cc4c3700b0ead72afc3b2. submit a ticket to us at CosplayFU Support Center 01


<Simply Flow Chart>




The communication process is easy & direct!  


9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 1. You submit ticket with request & reference pictures or links,



9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 2. Our tailors check it & see if they can make it, and what the material will be used, and give you professional suggestion if you’ve special request, then, give you the quotation (including free shipping).




9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 3. If you are okay with it & want to buy it, just reply the ticket.



9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 4. Then we will give you the private product link with password, so you can order it as normal.



9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 5. Once we finished it, we will send you the actual product photos.



9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 6. You check the actual product photo.

**If it is okay, then we will ship it to you;

**if you want to adjust something, just tell us all the requests, and our tailor will adjust them for you; and send you the actual product photos again after adjustment.

**We can adjust the product for maximum 3 times.

**If you are still not satisfied and want a refund, we will deduct actual material cost of your commission items and give you a partial refund.  (*Updated: 17 August 2015, HK time)

……………………………………………………… next


Step 7. You received your commission item!!  (*> ω <*)





***In our experience, there are 3 types of commission request~***

6611fe3459906a285bb5f53f【1】 Designer own drawling – commission orders ticket

*This means you give us the drawing (showing costume’s front, back & both side), if you have request about the material or specific length or specific design or specific color, just mark them on the drawing, and our tailor will check & discuss with you about the design or material and give you the quotation & private product link with password, so you can buy it as normal orders.





6611fe3459906a285bb5f53f【2】 Custom Modifications – change existing items color / design / materials

*This means you want to change the design or the color or the materials of our existing cosplay items, our tailors will check if they can change for you.  [If you only want to change the length, it is not a custom modification request, just write remark when making order will be okay. :)]  If our tailor can change for you, they will confirms the change in the ticket, and you just write down the ticket ID in Remarks when making order will be okay.





6611fe3459906a285bb5f53f【3】 Give Reference links or pictures – links from internet resources / other shops 

*This means the character & costume is existing already, but you cannot find it in our website yet.  So, you only need to give us the character name + comic name / game name / movie name with the reference links or pictures, and our tailor will give you the quotation and send you the actual product photos after finished it.  The process is just like type [1] Commission orders.











**Just leave it in the ‘Leave a Reply’ below, we will check all reply & questions every day~~ d(^_^)



June 2nd, 2016

1. Simply click ‘Track Progress’ in Plush Toy Kingdom header; or go to
2. Input your order number and your payment email address, then click ‘submit’.

3. Track Order page shows your order information & shipping details with tracking link & tracking number. Just copy the tracking number, click the tracking link and paste the tracking number will be okay.


June 1st, 2016

Nui Harime Cosplay from Kill la Kill by Dillon

Nui Harime Cosplay by:

CosplayFU Customer Dillon

P.S.: Sending us your cosplay photos, you will get additional 10% off discount.

June 1st, 2016

1. Input quantity, then click ‘Buy it now’.


2. It goes to shopping cart, confirm the information, then click ‘Checkout’.20160718162549


3.  Input the shipping information, all shipping details will be shown after you confirm.


4. Check the Estimated Delivered Date, and choose shipping method.











5. Click  to change the shipping method




6. Choose payment gateway, then click ‘Confirm & Checkout’.

7. Check double confirmation box, and make sure all information is correct, then click ‘Check Out’.

8. It will redirect to payment page, input your payment information and click ‘Continue’.



1.When it is paid successfully, you will receive an email confirmation from the payment gateway.*If it failed, you will receive a ‘Billing Problem’ email notification with payment failed reason.

2.*After we confirmed the payment in (weekdays), we will send you an order confirmation email at the same time.

3.When the package is sent, we will send you an email (with tracking number & link) immediately.*Or, you can simply use the ‘Track Order’ function at http://www.plushtoykingdom.com/orderstatus/

4.*Of course, you can submit ticket at http://www.plushtoykingdom.com/support/  if there are any questions.

5.If extra information or confirmation is needed, we will contact you directly by email, so please make sure your email address is correct. n_n

May 30th, 2016

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay from Final Fantasy by Margaret

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay from Final Fantasy by Margaret

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay by:

CosplayFU Customer Margaret

P.S.: Sending us your cosplay photos, you will get additional 10% off discount.