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February 22nd, 2015

Taiwan Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Joycelyn(Canada)

"I just got the costume in the mail, it looks so beautiful and the size is very nice. The top is a little looser than what I had expected but I love the sleeves and the skirt. Thank you for making my cosplay! When I go to my con I’ll take some pictures and post them!"

February 21st, 2015

James Cosplay from Pokemon by Brianna

James Cosplay from Pokemon by:

CosplayFU Customer Brianna

P.S.: Sending us your cosplay photos, you will get additional 10% off discount.

February 21st, 2015

James Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Brianna(United States)

"I cosplayed as my Team Rocket Grunt oc(Orginal Character) Kronos. The pants pockets puffed out, but overall the cosplay itself was amazing. Thank You so much!"

February 19th, 2015

Natsu Dragneel Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Michael(Canada)

"Did not know where to put feedback or positive reviews but I had to thank you for the insanely fast shipping just got the item today and was shocked that it was here so fast amazing thank you so much."

February 18th, 2015




Tomorrow will be the first day of our Lunar New Year

This year is the Year Of Goat

♥♡♥ ++Wish Everyone A Peaceful 2015++ ♥♡♥

1. Shipping Delays:  It will be our public holidays from today to 24th Feb., so, all shipping services will be delayed until 25th Feb. 2015.

2. General customer support as usual:  Services such as placing orders, submit suggestions, asking questions through email and Support Center, will all operate as usual.    o(*//u//*)o   I’ll make sure confirm orders, check all tickets & emails at least twice a day.

3. Tailor-related services will be delayed:  Tailor-related services such as commission requests, quotation, custom modification request & legal issues will be delayed until 26th Feb., 2015.


ヾ(*´∇`)ノ __waiting for our first fireworks in Lunar New Year 2015~♪♪

February 17th, 2015

Eureka Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Brandon(United States)

"the Renton Jacket from Eureka Seven is great it is a great fit and over all amazing thank you all so much"

February 17th, 2015

Eureka Cosplay from Eureka Seven by Brandon

Eureka Cosplay from Eureka Seven by:

CosplayFU Customer Brandon

P.S.: Sending us your cosplay photos, you will get additional 10% off discount.

February 13th, 2015

Yasuho Hirose Cosplay from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by Antonio

Yasuho Hirose Cosplay from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure by:

CosplayFU Customer Antonio

P.S.: Sending us your cosplay photos, you will get additional 10% off discount.

February 12th, 2015

Kotori Minami Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Alyssa(Canada)

"Hi there, I just wanted to say I got my cosplay and everything is absolutely perfect! (save for the socks and gloves, curse my tiny arms and legs ;A; I can easily take them in a bit, however ^u^) Thank you so much! I look forward to ordering from you again in the near future!"

February 10th, 2015

Lenalee Lee Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer (United States)

"I love this wig, it’s super soft and looks great. I expected to have to style it a lot and comb out a bunch of snarls once I first opened the package, but surprisingly didn’t have to. It also has combed out very easily so far and hasn’t frayed yet. I also love how it’s very thick, yet the clips don’t weigh down on my head and make the wig feel extremely heavy. It’s very comfortable to wear. Thank you so much! :)"