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February 18th, 2012 by kelvin

Hey Friend,

Sending us your cosplay photos, you will get extra 10% off discount from us! How?

Step 1: You buy either costumes, wigs, accessories or shoes from CosplayFU;
Step 2: Take your wonderful cosplay photos with our products;
Step 3: Send the photos (please give us a review if possible) to our support email: or submit a ticket with the Subject “I Love CosplayFU“. Remember to tell us your order number or any other information about your order;
Step 4: We send you the discount coupon code by email within 24 hours.

Quite simple, right? What are you waiting for? Just send us your wonderful cosplay photos!

Please be reminded that:

1. This discount will not be offered to Reseller program.
2. All the cosplay photos you give us will be shown on our site. In other words, if you send us your cosplay photos, it means that you give us permission to display your photos in our site.

Best Regards,
CosplayFU Team


  • Janelle says:

    Hey what if I don’t remember my order number? Is there anyway I could find it?

  • Heather says:

    Hello! What if I sent in two pictures and each picture is a different costume from this site. Then would I be able to get 20% off?

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello Janelle, sorry for our late reply, don;t worry about the order number. If you forgot the order number, just tell us which email you used to make the order, and we can check your order record and find out which order for that costume or wig. n_n

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello Heather, if you sent 2 pictures from 2 orders, we will give you 2 coupons which are both 10% OFF. We recommend you sent them separately, so we will not miss either one of them. n_n

  • KonanTenshi says:

    hey, if i cosplayed but not from ‘ur’ products…will it still count??

  • kelvin says:

    Hello KonanTenshi, we will count the cosplay photos which bought costumes & related items from CosplayFU, did you buy anything from us, a costume or a wig or a pair of shoes or accessories are all okay. :)

  • Tom says:

    I finally found a picture of one of my outfits from a convention that I just atended last weekend. I was wondering what information do you need other than the picture? Like that I bought the wig and the Stockings from Cosplayfu?

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello Tom, just send us the photo (2 photos will be better) and the order number and give us few description about your package received will be okay. :)
    *If you forget the order number, don’t worry, just tell us which email address you used to make that order, and we can check & find our the order number.

  • Sandra says:

    If we have cosplay photos, but the costume was not purchased from this website, will we still get a discount?

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello Sandra, thanks for supporting us, but we are sorry that the 10% OFF coupon will be given to our customers who purchased the items from CosplayFU only. Please make your first order here, and send your cosplay photos to us after received it~~~ ( *^_^* )

  • cherrybaby says:

    hi i just woundering i saw a ciel pink dress on here and those it come with petty coat ..? cuse that be great its hard to find a petty coat were live at so if yall can do that for me hat be great.

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello cherrybaby, do you mean the ? If so, the petticoat is not included, and we provide 2 types of pannier [ ] at CosplayFU only, you can check & see if they are suitable for you. n_n

  • Daniella Hansen says:


    ehm shall i just send photos with me having the cosplay on?
    do i get a feedback from you that you seen it?
    after how do i know that i got the 10% off? o:

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello Daniella, thanks for your support~~

    Yes, you just put on the costume (or wigs) you ordered from CosplayFU, and send us 2-3 photos, the order number and include few sentences about your feelings through:
    1) at Support Center with subject “I Love CosplayFU”; or
    2) sen email to with subject “I Love CosplayFU”

    Once we received the photos, we will check them and give the 10% OFF coupon information for you directly through the Support Center. :)

    *Once we submitted reply, our system will send you an email notification; or you can check your ticket after 24 hours, we normally reply tickets within few hours after tickets submitted. n_n

  • Brianna says:

    Could you use two coupons at once for purchasing something?

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello Brianna, no, 1 coupon for 1 order only. :)

  • Sarena says:

    Can you use the coupon on any cost? Or does it have to exceed a certain amount of the cost?

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello Sarena, the minimum order size for using the 10% off discount is US$1. :)

  • Cassie McCarthy says:

    Hi if i send the pic of my cosplay i bought from here and get the 10% coupon…does the coupon have an expiration date???

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hi Cassie McCarthy, yes, the coupon is valid for 6-months, but you can renew it anytime, so you can just neglect the expiry date. n_n

  • Kagamine Len says:

    I sent in my cosplay picture and i have been waiting for a few days,

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello Kagamine Len, don’t worry, since we received many customer photos everyday, and we just post 2-3 customer photos every week, so many customers photos are not shown in our website yet, but we will post all of them in next week, please check around next weekend. n_n

  • Heather says:

    What if you didn’t have an account at the time of your purchase, and you don’t remember what email you had used?

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello Heather, if this is the case, you can give us the Recipient name & Shipping address (you used when you buy that item from CosplayFU), then we can find order number for you. n_n

  • Jamila says:

    I ordered a wig from here a year ago; can I still send photos of my cosplay and receive the 10% coupon?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello Jamila, yes, of course. d(^_^)

  • Toshiyasu says:

    Your Ichigo Kurosaki cosplayer picture on the homepage is actually an Orihime Cosplayer in shinigami robes.

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Thanks Toshiyasu, thanks for your comment, yes, we’ve corrected it already~ d(^_^)

  • BadApple1155 says:

    Hi, just wonder if the discount goes to an existing purchase or you would have to buy a totally new item. Thank you!!

  • CosplayFU - Piano says:

    Hello BadApple1155, the coupon is for next purchase, you can use it yourself or give it to your friends, the coupon code is valid for 6 months after activated. n_n

  • Kennethe says:

    I was just wondering if you send the coupon through snail mail or email? If you send it in a letter, do you use the address used from the order number you receive? My address has changed and I was wondering how I can assure my coupon will come to my current address, if it is sent through postage and not emailed out.
    Thanks so much,

  • kelvin says:

    :) Don’t worry, we will send you a coupon code directly to your email or ticket, you can use it yourself or send it to your friend. The coupon code itself doesn’t link to any addresses.

  • Miku says:

    If I wore. say, a wig and a costume together in one picture, would I get 20% off or 10%??

  • kelvin says:

    Thanks for your question. No, If you bought 1 wig & 1 costume from us, and send us the photo wearing that wig & costume, we will give you 1 coupon which is still 10% OFF coupon. (n__n)

  • Stephanie says:

    What if I’m not the only person in the picture?

  • kelvin says:

    It’s up to you, you can hide up the others or simply ask your friends & see if they don’t mind you pose the photos at CosplayFU. (n__n)

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