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How To Use CosplayFU Coupons

How To Use CosplayFU Coupons?

1. Choose size, input quantity, then click ‘Buy it now’.

2. It goes to shopping cart, confirm the size, quantity, then enter your coupon code into the blank under ‘total price’and click ‘use coupon’.

3. You can see the ‘coupon discount price ‘,then click ‘Checkout’.

4. Then, you can proceed the order as normal order. n_n

How to Get Your Coupon

Dear Friend,

Our coupon system is updated. How to get your coupon more easily? Please follow the steps below:

1. Make your order
2. Receive your package and get the coupon guideline pasted on your package:


A) Go to

B) Enter your order number and email address used for this order, then submit







C) Click “Get Your Code”.

















How to check all your coupon information? That’s easy.

1. Login to your account (
2. Go to your homepage:



You can see all your coupon information both at “Home” and at “My Coupon”.

How to check the coupon status?

1. If it is available, the coupon hasn’t been used:


At this time, you can also send the coupon to your friend. Then the coupon status will become “sent”:


2. You can also check the expiry date of the coupon:


3. If the coupon is used, its status will become “used”:


Just come and get all your discount (*^__^*)

If there is anything we can help, feel free to contact our support center.

Best regards.

CosplayFU Team

How to order custom size costume

  1. Choose ‘Custom size’ in size option.

    *If there is no custom size option, please submit ticket at let our tailors check if they can make for you.

    *Custom size costumes does not charge extra cost, but the proceed time will be longer than fixed size costumes.

  2. Measure & fill in the size you’d like to have, input quantity, and click ‘Buy it now’.

    *Size can be measure in inch (1 inch = 2.54 cm) or cm.

  3. The custom size you required will be shown in shopping cart, check & make sure the size is correct, then click ‘Checkout’.
  4. Then, you can proceed the order as normal.

How to check my order status

  1. Simply click ‘Track Order’ in CosplayFU header; or go to
  2. Input your 5-digit order number and your payment email address, then click ‘submit’.
  3. Track Order page shows your order information & shipping details with tracking link & tracking number. Just copy the tracking number, click the tracking link and paste the tracking number will be okay.

How to order

How to order?

  1. Choose size, input quantity, then click ‘Buy it now’.

Eng-1       2.It goes to shopping cart, confirm the size, quantity, then click ‘Checkout’.


  1. 3. Input the shipping information, all shipping details will be shown after you confirm.




4.Check the Estimated Delivered Date, and choose shipping method.


Click 03 to change the shipping method






5.Choose payment gateway, then click ‘Confirm & Checkout’.


6.Check double confirmation box, and make sure all information is correct, then click ‘Check Out’.


7.It will redirect to payment page, input your payment information and click ‘Continue’.

Eng-6.1 Eng-6.2

1.When it is paid successfully, you will receive an email confirmation from the payment gateway.*If it failed, you will receive a ‘Billing Problem’ email notification with payment failed reason.

2.*After we confirmed the payment in (weekdays), we will send you an order confirmation email at the same time.

3.When the package is sent, we will send you an email (with tracking number & link) immediately.*Or, you can simply use the ‘Track Order’ function at

4.*Of course, you can submit ticket at if there are any questions.

5.If extra information or confirmation is needed, we will contact you directly by email, so please make sure your email address is correct. n_n

How to choose my favorite wigs

You can wigs by colors, by length or by style, it’s easy and direct!

  1. Please go to and choose whether you want to choose by color, or by length or by style.

    *Suppose I want to choose wigs by colors.

  2. Click ‘Choose by Color’, it shows all colors there, and you can simply click the color you want and check all wigs that in all styles & lengths, under the same color.

    *Suppose I choose ‘Pink’.

  3. All pink wigs shown.

  4. Same case for ‘Choose by Length’ & ‘Choose by Style’.

Recommended Products Discount

My dear friends

Fist of all, thank you for supporting our

We are now offering “super” special discount on the “Recommended Products” when you buy a full set cosplay costume.

When you order a costume at CosplayFU, you can get the wig and accessories of the same characters (same role) with 60% off discount.

Of course the condition is we have this product on site.

Rules of the Game are very easy(Only use this way can get the 60% discount price.)