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How to order custom size costume


1.Choose ‘Custom size’ in size option.



*If there is no custom size option, please submit ticket at and let our tailors check if they can make for you.

*Custom size costumes does not charge extra cost, but the proceed time will be longer than fixed size costumes.

 2.Measure & fill in the size you’d like to have, input quantity, and click ‘Buy it now’.


*Size can be measure in inch (1 inch = 2.54 cm) or cm.

 3.Click to edit your data.


 4.The custom size you required will be shown, check & make sure the size is correct. If you change nothing, click 6.If you change some data, please click ‘Update’.


 5.Click ‘Checkout’, then you can proceed the order as normal.


There are only standard sizes for the costumes, can I order custom size?


Yes, we can tailor make the size for you.

1.Please choose any standard size and click ‘buy it now’.


2. Click ‘checkout’ in shopping cart.


3.Fill up the shipping information form, and write down your exact body size (chest, waist, hip, outside leg, height, weight; in cm & kg) in remark box (in order form), then choose shipping method.






















then ckeck out



Check coupon conditions before use it.

Please make sure your order size reaches the coupon requirements & the coupon deadline is valid (not expire yet).

Coupon type 1. Get US$5 OFF when order size is US$70 or over.

Coupon type 2. Get US$30 OFF when order size is US$200 or over.

Coupon type 3. Get 10% OFF when order size is US$1 or over.

Why cannot use coupon?

The following 4 types of situations cannot use coupons, because we apply extra discount for them already:-

1.Combo Order (Full Cosplay category): We provide extra discount already! *


2. 70% OFF Special Offer category: They’ve already applied big discount——70% Off!



 3. Reseller accounts: Reseller members get extra discounts already, so we have already described in the Reseller Program.



4. Props: Cosplay Props will be shipped out separately and occur big international shipping cost, so we are unable to give extra discounts on them.  This is already described in Cosplay Props page.



How to ‘Get a Quote’?

1.Check your favorite costume in page blow and click the picture to enter the product page.



2.Click ‘Get a Quote’ icon.


3.Fill in the information box, and then click ‘submit’.


4.When it is submitted successfully, you will see the Pop-up window like blow:



5.Our teammates will reply you as soon as possible and please check your email send

from [email protected] later.(*^__^*) ~


When you have ideas about commissioning certain cosplay items, you can:

59c3cc4c3700b0ead72afc3b1. submit a suggestion to us at CosplayFU Suggestion corner 01

(if you don’t really plan to buy it, but just suggest we provide that item), or 

59c3cc4c3700b0ead72afc3b2. submit a ticket to us at CosplayFU Support Center 01


<Simply Flow Chart>




The communication process is easy & direct!  


9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 1. You submit ticket with request & reference pictures or links,



9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 2. Our tailors check it & see if they can make it, and what the material will be used, and give you professional suggestion if you’ve special request, then, give you the quotation (including free shipping).




9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 3. If you are okay with it & want to buy it, just reply the ticket.



9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 4. Then we will give you the private product link with password, so you can order it as normal.



9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 5. Once we finished it, we will send you the actual product photos.



9922720e0cf3d7ca36c7f9d7f31fbe096b63a95aStep 6. You check the actual product photo.

**If it is okay, then we will ship it to you;

**if you want to adjust something, just tell us all the requests, and our tailor will adjust them for you; and send you the actual product photos again after adjustment.

**We can adjust the product for maximum 3 times.

**If you are still not satisfied and want a refund, we will deduct actual material cost of your commission items and give you a partial refund.  (*Updated: 17 August 2015, HK time)

……………………………………………………… next


Step 7. You received your commission item!!  (*> ω <*)





***In our experience, there are 3 types of commission request~***

6611fe3459906a285bb5f53f【1】 Designer own drawling – commission orders ticket

*This means you give us the drawing (showing costume’s front, back & both side), if you have request about the material or specific length or specific design or specific color, just mark them on the drawing, and our tailor will check & discuss with you about the design or material and give you the quotation & private product link with password, so you can buy it as normal orders.





6611fe3459906a285bb5f53f【2】 Custom Modifications – change existing items color / design / materials

*This means you want to change the design or the color or the materials of our existing cosplay items, our tailors will check if they can change for you.  [If you only want to change the length, it is not a custom modification request, just write remark when making order will be okay. :)]  If our tailor can change for you, they will confirms the change in the ticket, and you just write down the ticket ID in Remarks when making order will be okay.





6611fe3459906a285bb5f53f【3】 Give Reference links or pictures – links from internet resources / other shops 

*This means the character & costume is existing already, but you cannot find it in our website yet.  So, you only need to give us the character name + comic name / game name / movie name with the reference links or pictures, and our tailor will give you the quotation and send you the actual product photos after finished it.  The process is just like type [1] Commission orders.











**Just leave it in the ‘Leave a Reply’ below, we will check all reply & questions every day~~ d(^_^)




A: How to maintain cosplay shoes?

Q: For our cosplay shoes, most of them are made by artificial leather.

All of our cosplay shoes are handmade products, and it make as production props, we do not recommended wearing them everyday.





1.  When you get the shoes, please open it in the ventilated place, but not exposed to the sun.
2.  After wear, just use a dry towel to wipe off the dust will be okay.

3.  If the shoes got wet, use a dray towel to absorb the moisture, and put it in a cool ventilated place to let the shoes dry naturally.




Do not put wet shoes on the sun exposure, or put it near to the air conditioning, or use a hairdryer or prone; otherwise, it will burst.

When will you use this method to pay extra shipping cost?

A) Upgrade shipping method

*For this case, my teammates will send you message (via email or ticket reply) about the exact amount of extra shipping cost.

B) Pay shipping cost for the package second delivery 

*Same as above, my teammates will send you message (via email or ticket reply) about the exact amount of extra shipping cost.


How to pay extra shipping cost?

Here are the step-by-step guideline:-

1. Go to the shipping cost payment link:

*First,choose the shipping methods you want to upgrade.Second, fill the shipping cost amount (for the shipping method you want) ,your order number(0xxxxx) and your email address.then click “Buy it now”.


2.Then click “Confirm& Check out“to pay for the extra

shipping fee.



3.Done!  Once we received the order & payment, we will change the shipping method for your original order in our file directly.  n_n


If there are any problems, just contact us via Support Center and let us help you directly.


What reference photos should I provide if I received my costume in wrong size?

If you received the costume in wrong size, please measure the costume size you received and check if it falls into the size you chose (for all of the costumes, the size may have 1-4cm differences).

Please put the costume flat, measure & take few photos showing the costume size.

For example, costume chest is wrong size, then take few photos like these:-

Picture A – showing costume chest size in full scale:


Picture B: showing the costume chest size in close-up shot of the beginning


Picture C: showing the costume chest size in close-up shot of the end



Just do the same practice for other parts.

Once we received them, then we will able to check & see if we made or sent wrong size costume and solve the problem for you. n_n

You can add the item on the favorite list anytime you want.

1. Please login first so that the product can go to your account’s ‘Favorite List’.


2. You will see there is a ‘Add to favorite’ button under the product photos, you simply click it and the window  tells you it is successfully added into your favorites list.



3.  If you want to purchase it few days later, please login first. Then click in your favorite list and simply click ‘Buy it now’.

Then you can check your ‘Favorite List’ if you want and purchase them at any time.(๑>◡<๑)

How to wear wigs?

Please refer to our photo when you first time try to wear the wigs.

(i) If it is a normal wig, you just use put a wig cap, and put the wigs on;

(ii) If it is a spike wig or wavy wig, you need to fix the wig style by hair styling clay first, then put a wig cap and put on the wigs;

(iii) If it is a wig with extensions or clips, you will need to put a wig cap first, put on the wig, and fix the clips or extension on the wig, as the following photos shown.

*You can adjust to the size by the straps inside the wig.