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Tag Me 2013 Updates


\\\ Tag Me@CosplayFU 2013 - Results Announcement ///

There are totally 765 photos57 players + 1491 tags

!!!Thanks again for all of your support, it makes this a SUPER wonderful game!!!

{*Top 10 Winner Notification emails will be sent during this weekend, please check your email later~♥}


↑↑↑↑↑↑  Result Statistics screenshot (Top 16) ↑↑↑↑↑↑

Results (Ranking):

 Rank 1: 【397 scores】 –mina******

 Rank 2: 【 391 scores】 –otili*****

 Rank 3: 【 372 scores】 –char*****

 Rank 4: 【 305 scores】 –larn*****

 Rank 5: 【 301 scores】 –bobde*****

 Rank 6: 【 275 scores】 –twan*****

 Rank 7: 【 238 scores】 –iFan*****

 Rank 8: 【 210 scores】 –Kiwika*****

 Rank 9: 【 208 scores】 –uts****

 Rank 10: 【 196 scores】 –gat****

★ Where can I check my Tag Me game 2013 Result? ★

 –>  <–

*Just input your email address & password & search~


 Prize List:

【1. A Game Transcript!】(Top 3 winners only)

【2. A Winner Commendation!】(Top 3 winners only)


【3. CosplayFU Cash Coupon Which The Cash Value Is Equivalent To Your Scores!】(Top 3 winners only)

Champion: CosplayFU US$397 cash coupon

First-Runner-Up: CosplayFU US$391 cash coupon

Second-Runner-Up: CosplayFU US$372 cash coupon

【4. CosplayFU USD$50 Cash Coupon!】(Rank 4-10 only)

CosplayFU Cash Coupon terms:
*This cash coupon is valid for 1 year.
*This cash coupon is a one-time-off coupon {customer cannot save the coupon balance and use it next time}.  If you’d like to split up your coupon value, please send an email to 
*This cash coupon can be used to buy items at CosplayFU only, cannot exchange to cash.
*This cash coupon cannot be used to pay for gift package fee & extra shipping cost. (we include free shipping worldwide already).
*This cash coupon cannot be used in Reseller accounts & buy from 70% Special Offer & Fullset category.

【5. Winners list shown in our website (this post) & Facebook pages!】

Our FB:

Tag Me FB:

 We will contact all top 10 winners directly by email during this weekend, if you’ve any questions about the result, please submit ticket to our Support Center (category: Tag Me game) and let us help you directly.   n_n

Date: 2013/04/24  15:31


Tag Me@CosplayFU 2013!!!

tagme- 2013


Tag Me Game 2013 starts already!!

Join & play with us & win CASH coupons!!!  ↖(^ω^)↗


Wah!!!   Top 5 players are just sooooo amazing!!

You are all just so close!

491 tags

470 tags

456 tags

402 tags

392 tags

Players who tag 100+ photos: 14 players

tag 200+ photos: 10 players!!

tag 300+ photos: 5 players!!!

*Update: 2013/04/20 07:57


WoooW  exciting exciting!!

Players who tag 100+ photos: 13 players

Players who tag 200+ photos: 8 players

Players who tag 300+ photos: 5 players

(⊙o⊙) –> Players who tag 400+ photos: 1 player!!!!   <– (⊙o⊙)

*Update: 2013/04/19  11:31


Updates: 2013/04/18  12:02

Photos: 765

Players who tag 100+ photos: 11 players

Top 10 players countries: US, Australia, Netherlands, UK.

Similar to our last year game, we will have 1 week pre-launch period

And, 5 day game time:  17-April-2013, 12:00 [noon, Hong Kong Time] – 22nd-April-2013 [noon, Hong Kong Time], you can start to write down all character name & comics name at that time, in 5 languages (including English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German).

★\( *^_^* )/★*  ★\( *^_^* )/★*  ★\( *^_^* )/★*★\( *^_^* )/★*

【What is the Tag Me@CosplayFU game?】

Players join the game, check the game photo and tag it with correct character name & comic name.

The more correct tags you put, the higher scores for your account.

For the top 3 highest scores winners, CosplayFU will issue the World Game Transcripts & Cash Coupons & Top 10 winners list will be announced at CosplayFU website & our FaceBook pages!



4th-6th April is our Ching Ming Festival holidays~


Dear friend,

During 4th – 6 th April, it is our Ching Ming Festival holidays, so customer support services related to commission, quotation, custom modification request, billing & legal issues will be delayed.

We will provide general customer support during these 3 days, and some of your emails / tickets / reviews / suggestions reply will be delayed, and we will take care them as soon as possible on 7th April, just don’t worry about this.   ( *^_^* )


CosplayFU Team~

February is our Lunar New Year~~

Hi all friends,

February is a special month for all of us, it is our Lunar New Year month, many of our tailors & materials’ suppliers will have a long long vacation during this month; so orders during Feb. may be affected & may need a longer processing time.

If you have RUSH orders, which means you need them in Feb., plz make the order & payment today, so we can make sure it will reach you on time.   ♡^_^♡


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CosplayFU Team



It Is About Our Chinese Lunar New Year holidays

Hello all friends,

February is our Chinese Lunar New Year, which we call this month ‘Spring Festival’, many of our tailors & materials’ suppliers will have a long vacation in this month; in this situation, some orders’ processing time may be affected & delayed.

If you have rush orders, which you will need them in Feb., please make the order & payment before tomorrow (17th Jan.), so we can make sure it will reach you on time.   d(^_^o)


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CosplayFU Team


Chinese New Year holidays

Dear all customers,

February is our Chinese Lunar New Year celebration month, and many of our tailors & materials’ suppliers will enjoying their long holidays in Feb. 2013, so during this period, some orders’ processing time may be longer than normal seasons.

If you have rush order, which you need them in Feb. 2013, please make the order & payment before 17th Jan. 2013, so they will able to reach you on time .  ( *^_^* )


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Attention: about Chinese Lunar New Year holidays~

Hello all friends,

If you need your order (including costumes, wigs & shoes) during late January & late February, please make your order before 17th Jan. 2013!!

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From early Feb. to late Feb. 2013, most of our tailors & materials’ suppliers will enjoy their long Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, so during this period, some orders’ processing time may be delayed.   If you have rush orders, please make sure you make your order & payment before 17th Jan. 2013~~


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CosplayFU Team


Happy New Year! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

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♥♥  CosplayFU Team wish YOU all the best in Year 2013~ ♥♥

 Wish everyone a HAPPY 2013 ★

 Wish everyone a PROSPEROUS 2013 ★

 Wish everyone a HEALTHY & LUCKY 2013 ★

 May the coming New Year bring you JOY, LOVE and PEACE~ ★


*1st, 2nd & 3rd Jan. 2013 are our holidays, customer support related to commission, custom modifications, legal issues & shipping services will be delayed, other services remains as normal~~ ( *^_^* )

*Picture sourced from internet, copyright 100% reserved to the owner.  :)


Merry Christmas 2012!!


Merry Christmas!!!

Dear all our favorite friends 


We have exciting news for all of you.  We prepare a special offer for everyone this year!


!!!  0 Hours Left On Ordering Give Away Items  !!!

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…screenshot 1 hour after launch X’mas Give Away….

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PERIOD: From noon Nov 20th ~ noon Dec 4th 2012 (HKT)

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~~P.S.  We Just Upload The Lucca Comics & Games (Italy) Event Photos~~




Tag Me@CosplayFU Game Updates~

‖‖  Tag Me@CosplayFU 2012  - Results Announcement  ‖‖

Thanks again for ALL Players’ Support!

{*Top 10 Winner Notification emails all sent, please check your email~♥}

  500 Photos In Total

Results (Ranking):

  Rank 1: 【211 scores】 –phant*****

  Rank 2: 【210 scores】 –erac****

  Rank 3: 【203 scores】 –rei***

  Rank 4: 【155 scores】 –king*****

  Rank 5: 【148 scores】 –lar***.*

  Rank 6: 【147 scores】 –albe***.*****

  Rank 7: 【134 scores】 –tw****

   Rank 8: 【106 scores】 –Ut****

   Rank 9: 【93 scores】 –kai****_***

   Rank 10: 【92 scores】 –ut****


 Where Can I Check My Result?  Just submit ticket (with player’s email address & questions) to our Support Center and let us check for you directly.   n_n



 Prize List:

Rank 1 – 3 Prizes:

【1. A Game Transcript!】

【2. A Winner Commendation!】

【3. CosplayFU Electronic Cash Coupon Which The Cash Value Is Equivalent To Your Scores!】