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Madoka Kaname Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Jenny(United States)

"The cosplay was perfect! And it came quicker than I expected for free shipping. Thanks!"

Miku Hatsune Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Ashley(United States)

"I ordered this already and I’m excited for its arrival! ^^ When I get it, mark my words, I’ll thank you all personally, especially the dress maker, tell him/her I said his/her work is awesome!~ On another note, are you guys aware that steals most of your mannequin pictures to scam its customers? I’d do something about it, it’s just sad to see people get scammed for their money. Anyways, thanks again!~"

Haku Yowane Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Megan(United States)

"Hi!!! i just got this cosplay and i love it!!!!! i really like the cosplays from your site ^^."

Amu Hinamori Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Fiona(United States)

"Hey, thanks for the costume. I bought one for my little sister and she so excited to wear it!"

Jack Frost Cosplay from Rise of the Guardians by Anita

Jack Frost Cosplay from Rise of the Guardians by:

CosplayFU Customer Anita

P.S.: Sending us your cosplay photos, you will get additional 10% off discount.

Stocking Anarchy Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Courtney(United States)

":D The wig is totally AWESOME! Got here quickly too! :33 Thank you!!"

Rika Shinozaki Cosplay from Sword Art Online by Sophie

Rika Shinozaki Cosplay from Sword Art Online by:

CosplayFU Customer Sophie

P.S.: Sending us your cosplay photos, you will get additional 10% off discount.

Nagisa Hazuki Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Kathy(United States)

"I ordered this cosplay a month ago and it arrived just a couole of days ago; and I love it! The detailed on the jacket is amazing and the inside details makes it perfect as a athletic cosplay! It fits perfectly and they were able to add that one inch length I had requested on the jacket! Though, the only problem I had was the pants. It lacked the entire detail that was on the swim trunk like in the anime, as well as the fact that it was way too short. I ordered it without the full preview of the actual pants, so that was my fault but it was still a shame to see those lining missing! Other than that, I just love the cosplay and would order again! x3"

Oliver Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer Raphaela(Canada)

"This costume is amazing! I love how nice the fabric of the coat is and the hat looks really good too. I got my Oliver costume 2 days ago and I was really really satisfied and happy with it. You guys made the costume so quickly and the shipping time was even faster than I thought. I picked the express shipping and I wasn’t expecting it til about 3-4 weeks after I ordered it but it came in after just 2 weeks from ordering it. I’ll definitely be shopping for more of my cosplays here :D"

Sanji Cosplay

CosplayFU Customer devin(United States)

"suit was amazing, shipped quickly, great quality, definitely recomend it"