Princess Zelda Cosplay from The Legend of Zelda by charlotte
Robe absolument magnifique, très cintrée au niveau de la taille (il vaux mieux prendre légèrement au dessus de sa taille qu'en dessous), la matière satinée est plutôt mat ce qui offre à cette robe une élégance romantique (et non un aspect déguisement) qui se trouve accentuée avec la dentelle qui est vraiment fine et délicate; le chapeau ne glisse pas donc c'est plutôt confortable. En un mot cette robe est parfaite !
Excellente qualité! Les extensions sur les cotés s'accrochent à l'aide d'une pince déjà incluse dans les mèches, mais cela est très facile à assembler ! les cheveux sont soyeux, fins et ne s'emmêlent pas :)
This was a commission from you guys and I wore it to Supanova 2014 in Melbourne this year!

I am pleased with the quality of the outfit! I had received so many compliments from many people!

Will definitely be buying from CosplayFU in the future!
Eevee Cosplay from Pokemon by Nancy
thank you for the Kill La Kill Props
Ryuko Matoi Cosplay from Kill la Kill by Richard
Francis Bonnefoy (France) Cosplay from Axis Powers Hetalia by Veronica
I Love CosplayFU!!!!!!
Seychelles Cosplay from Axis Powers Hetalia by Veronica
I Love CosplayFU!!!!!!
Sylveon Cosplay from Pokemon by Noelle
Blood Moon Akali cosplay costume
At Supanova Melbourne 2014 , Australia
Fit quite nicely and shipped out fast. overall quite happy with service and quality . (^O^)
Akali the Fist of Shadow Cosplay from League of Legends by Angela
I really liked the costumes, they were comfortable and fit very well. They were made pretty accurately. I'm very satisfied and would order from CosplayFU again.
Stocking Anarchy Cosplay from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt by Kessy
Love the wig!! It's amazingly soft and fits wonderfully!! And the arrival time was fast!
Love the wig!! It's amazingly soft and fits wonderfully!! And the arrival time was fast!
Dear seller,this emani to tell you that I received the dress. It's fantastic and stunning...maybe a little bit tight on the waist.Anyway, delivery very fast.Thank you so much.Best regards.
Hubert Ozwell Cosplay from Tales of Graces by Michael
My brother and I went as Hubert and Richard from the "Tales" series last year.

I was skeptical at first of getting the costume from the site only because I couldn't believe how affordable the prices were, but was very impressed with the quality and durability of the outfit. It was able to withstand normal wear and was perfectly fine after running it through the washer and dryer.

After my experience, I always plan on making Cosplay For You my first stop when getting ready for conventions.

Worn at Connecticon 2013
Hubert - Wig and Costume from Cosplayfu
Richard - Wig, Costume and Boots from Cosplayfu
Super good quality if anyone's wondering, padding in the shoulders and nice shinny and soft on the inside. Will order from this site again
Rintaro Okabe Cosplay from Steins;Gate by Sarah
It's a wonderful product.
my order arrived a few days ago and the quality is absolutely wonderful!

thank you so much for dealing with my whining over how long it took to get here ahaha, also you might want to add hair pins instead of safety pins for the hair bows! anyway thank you again for making my costume.
Valerie Cosplay from Pokemon X and Y by Jenny
received the pack a few months ago and finally been able to give her the Valerie costume as a late birthday gift and of course gave me permission to send these. she likes it and everything fits excellently. thank you all so much.
Saki Miyanaga Cosplay from Saki by Mary
My feedback is that I love it
It looks fantastic and Super nice!
The cloth used are so nice and so great
When I saw it, It really looks like the uniform in the picture
Super great!
Alice Liddell (Game) Cosplay from Alice: Madness Returns by Kris