Anastasia Tremaine Cosplay from Cinderella by Fiona
We got a lot of complements while wearing these. I just want to say thank you for making these cosplays for us. We adore them.
Drizella Tremaine Cosplay from Cinderella by Fiona
We got a lot of complements while wearing these. I just want to say thank you for making these cosplays for us. We adore them.
My daughter got this home yesterday, she looks absolutley adorable and everything was correct whit the dress. We really love cosplayfu :)
The costume is very well made and very high quality! I plan on buying another Pokemon related Cosplay soon!
Glaceon Cosplay from Pokemon by Nicholas
This outfit was amazing! It was a perfect fit and my sister loved it. The delivery was faster then last time I ordered as there were no protest in China this time round. So I will buy again! CHEERS!!
I have just received this cosplay and I love it ^^
Fits perfect, thank you.
Ai Enma Cosplay from Hell Girl by Alexandra
The costume was very comfortable, though I never did get to use it for what I wanted to.
The Evil Queen Cosplay from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Kristopher
one amazing costume thank you for everything

I love cosplayfu !
Roxas Cosplay from Kingdom Hearts by Kayleigh
Sheik Cosplay from The Legend of Zelda by J
I love my costume. I was stopped so many times all 3 days of WonderCon.
Since this was a custom commission, I was really surprised how quickly it was finished! Everything fit perfectly, and the material quality was great. Also when I mentioned some items were missing, the were shipped to me at no extra charge!

I wore this outfit to the 2015 AnimeJapan event, and received many compliments! I was even lucky enough to be interviewed, since some press members like my cosplay so much.

Thank you CosplayFU!
Raven Branwen Cosplay from RWBY by Jane
Lacie Cosplay from Pandora Hearts by Gamze
Here I have my Lacie Baskerville cosplay dress along with the Black,
straight Shelby CF08 wig. I couldn't find the order number and it was quite
a while ago that I ordered this cosplay, but I still love it. The fabric is
soft and I can move freely in it, I recieved a lot of compliments!
Ordered the first one, I love it so much I wish I could wear it more often. Recommendation to anyone who does the custom size, don't be too exact with the measurements. Still love it, used it WonderCon, will again at Anime Expo.

Nous avons reçu le colis: tout est parfait et ma fille est très contente.
Juliet Fiammatta Arst De Capulet Cosplay from Romeo x Juliet by Barry
ROMEO x JUILET juilet costume
recieved the costume its wonderful
fits well thank you

Sakuya Izayoi Cosplay from Touhou Project by Sabina
Hi! I got my order,its wonderful and looks amazing. The color isn't as bad as the picture made it looked. Y'all did an amazing and I'm so thankful for the time y'all took for this order. If you have not shipped the other pants than y'all may keep them. Everything is great and I really hope to order from y'all again,especially when there is ample time for the order to come in. Y'all are amazing. Thank you
This just arrived this morning, it looks exactly like the picture and the sizes are exactly what I asked for. So happy with it and relieved it's all there and all how I wanted it. Can't wait to wear it to something :-D
Yoruichi Wig From Bleach

Loved this wig for Yoruichi. Did a bit of styling to get it just the way I wanted.