Add Time : 2011-08-22 21:52:20
Cosplay Set

Dear Friends,

Continuous discount is coming. A new program “Cosplay Set” is brought out soon! In this program, you can see all the cosplay stuffs of one character in one page. That will make your choosing much easier. 


The most fascinated thing is to earn DEEP DISCOUNT from this program. The more you choose, the bigger discount you can get. Up to 50% OFF discount can be won if you buy the whole set (For example: 1 costume + 1 wig + 1 pair of shoes).

Are we joking? Of course not. Come and win more discounts!

P.S.:  1. Coupon is invalid for this program
      2. Resellers can not enjoy the discount
      3. If you want to buy other products that are not from cosplay set program, you will need to make another new order.

Best regards,

CosplayFU Team